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"Wizard's Wonderboy, is it? That's enough Gwerr, if you want to live." Makdush's hand slipped to the hilt of his sword but then pulled back. "At least I'm not a lice ridden maggot the way you are. And keep your mouth closed about Saruman. He had a brain, which is something you lack."

"Anyways, you should listen to Ishkur. I hate to say this, but the orc spawn has a point. There's no game here, and we don't have enough food. I also went hunting, and all I bagged were two starving rats." Makdush held up the rats by the tail and then threw them on one of the women's laps. "Add these to the stew pot, girls. Share and share alike. But we're going to be mighty hungry in a few days unless we bag some real meat."

"I know these parts well. Number One used to have me lead orc gangs north from the plantations. Ishkur's right. Some people do make their way across the Ash Plain. Yes, the caravans are guarded. But a smart orc can outwit a guard and cut a throat or steal a horse while everyone's asleep. It's hard but possible. Plus, you've forgotten something.....runaway slaves who stupidly flee north instead of south....not that they last for very long. They're a bit stringy but easy prey. Three or four slaves without weapons. It's almost like child's play." Makdush licked his lips and rubbed his hands in anticipation.

"So what do you suggest?" Ishkur's voice was cold, but he did not turn away from the Uruk.

"Suggest? I suggest we get up tomorrow and head north, looking for tracks. We can't go back. None of us, unless we want our throats slit. Don't expect to find a large group of travellers these days but we'll find something. And, right now, a single man or pony is looking awfully good."

The camp was absolutely still. No one said a word. Of all the strange events of the day, this one was the strangest. Ishkur and Makdush....bitter enemies....were actually agreeing on what the group should do.

Ishkur quickly stood up and barked out an order, trying to cover up the fact that, for the first time, an orc and a Uruk had actually agreed on something. "Finish up and bed down. Women, clean up this mess near the firepit. Tomorrow we head north to hunt whatever happens to cross our path. And once we cross the plain, we go west, to the foothills of the mountains where there's plenty of game."

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