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Brinniel is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.Brinniel is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.Brinniel is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.
As night began to close in, the slave halted and made camp for the night. Shae quickly found her own space on the ground. She drew a large circle around herself in the dirt and scowled at anyone who dared to cross the line.

Shae was in a foul mood. She was still angry at Khamir's comment from earlier and as the day passed, the uneasiness she felt only weighed down on her more. Not to mention, by late afternoon a pesky migraine burdened Shae further and even hours later, it refused to leave. The pain had become such a nuisance, the young woman was tempted to throw rocks at any slave who made too much noise.

Bending her head between her knees, Shae closed her eyes and took deep breaths. She received headaches frequently, and through the years had learned the best cure was relaxation, a technique that had always been difficult for her. As the pain began to subside, Shae opened her eyes and spotted a large beetle crawling near her feet. Using two fingers, the woman plucked the insect from the dirt and examined its hard, shiny green and black shell. This species of beetle was rare and considered a delicacy. Back on the plantations, slaves would give up their most prized possessions for a taste. Shae placed the beetle in her mouth and let it crawl on her tongue before biting down on the shell with a loud crunch. The juices from the insect dissolved on her tongue as she took pleasure in the unusually sweet flavor.

By the time Shae's headache had completely disappeared, most of the ex-slaves were asleep and the first watch was nearly over. Shae had volunteered for the fourth watch, and though it was hours away, it would come before she knew it. And when that time came, she would need to be alert. Nestling her body into the hard ground, Shae closed her eyes and reluctantly let sleep consume her.


Shae awoke suddenly, bolting upright from her spot on the ground. Her senses were clear, yet her thoughts fogged. She could not recall any nightmare, so why had she awoken so sudden? And then she heard it- the sound of horses approaching. This time it was not a dream that had awoken her. A shout rang out, and unsheathing her long knife, Shae ran towards the unwelcome sounds.

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