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Reginald blinked at the Hobbit's expression. Raggedy trout fin? Hobbits of the Shire were certainly a tad bit odder than those in Bree. But then, he supposed, those in Bree were simply a little more like Men, living near them, even if each group kept to themselves. Or maybe that was it. They just kept to themselves.

He followed Tolly's turned head and looked to see the dark haired woman from earlier, whom he could not help but be curious about, and...who was that? Certainly there was something different about the dark haired woman, as well, but there was something far stranger about this golden haired of the Fair Folk?

Reginald quickly looked away to stare at his food, and awkwardly took a drink. For a moment there he was sure he was gaping. He looked at Tolly as the Hobbit gossiped about the newest arrival. It seemed as if he was accustomed to being in the same room as one of the Elves!

At Tolly’s comment Reginald realized he had not really been paying attention to what the lady Elf was saying. But then the dark haired woman had gotten up and left the Hobbit she was speaking with, and his gaze followed her out of the common room. What had just happened?

“Did she just chase that woman away?” he remembered to whisper. “The Elf, I mean.” Reginald allowed his eyes to dart quickly to catch another glance of the Elf, who had taken up speaking with the Hobbit now…who looked extremely uncomfortable. “Yea…I would say your gaffer has the right word. Though I don’t know how those folk usually are.”
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