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Okay, last night was really wierd.

I had a dream where I took a boat across an inlet, and it was rather sunny. I was wearing a dark purple cloak ( in such heat I have no reason why!), and there were no oars, or oar rings. The boat just glided to some island. It was in complete shade, and looked like a mole on the lake's face. So, i decided since it was hot out, and I was apparently stupid enough to dress foolishly for it, I decided to get out and go onto the island. When I was under the shade, BW came out and told me to go away because I was not properly dressed for the 'occasion'. I gave him a puzzled look, and asked what occasion it could possibly be. All he did was give a 'humpt' and stamped off shaking his head. Then, I sat on the shore and stared out at the water. Then the dream ends.

I'm guessing it's a reminder to not wear dark clothing in warm weather, but it hasn't been sunny out for about a month now where I live. Very confusing...

~ Puzzled Ka
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