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The fiery response from the little girl tickled Skirvir no end. One of his older brothers had been graced with the birth of a daughter, a little spitfire much like Taffy’s sister. Skirvir bit back a chuckle, despite the fact that he found this display of her personality so pleasing. He was wise enough to know she would bristle again if she felt he were laughing at her.

‘Little mistress – Seren,’ he said, allowing a serious tone in his voice and a slight bow. ‘Your pardon; I did not mean to be rude. You will forgive me, I hope?’ He turned to Taffy, a renewed smile curving up just above his bushy beard. ‘What say we sit out on the porch a bit; I’m sure the innkeeper would lend us a lantern to hang from the eaves. It’s quieter out there, better for storytelling.’

He glanced up from the two young Halflings and saw another, older Halfling woman looking at them in a concerned manner. ‘Is that your mother?’ he asked the two children. ‘Perhaps we should go ask her permission.’
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