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Merrymatt has just left Hobbiton.
After many months of vexing college work and drivers studies, I have returned once more to the foggy barrow downs to discuss Tolkien amongst like minded individuals.

To address the topic of favorite chapter title in Fellowship, it would probably be “The Ring Goes South”. I feel like the name is very simplistic and very straightforward in itself, almost as if the title is following the hurried pace of the Fellowship with every step.

My favorite chapter would be a combination of “The Ring goes South” and “A Journey in the Dark”, both very excellent presentations of the fellowship bickering and interacting with each other during their mission. From the discussions on the evils of Moria to Pippin getting on Gandalf’s nerves with his foolishness, this chapter in terms of character interaction and bonding is one of my favorites.

In terms of favorite characters in Fellowship, it would definitely be Boromir, his relationship with Faramir and subtle moments of caring actions with the hobbits definetly warmed him up to myself.
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