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NAMES: Madoc Sandybanks of Girdley Island; Lila Riverbend Sandybanks of Willowbottom

AGE: Madoc – 55; Lila 52

WEAPONS: None, really. Though, Madoc does have a oak walking stick

APPEARANCE: Madoc – 3’4”, brown hair, brown eyes; Lila – 3’3”, brown hair, blue eyes. Typical Hobbit dress

PERSONALITY: The Sandybanks are a jolly couple, very easygoing. Well suited to each other – they often finish each others’ sentences.

HISTORY: Been married for about 20 years. Live on Girdley Island. Have three sons and one daughter – the two oldest children Bran (19) and Dylan (17) are at home with their Uncle taking care of the family’s little herd of goats. The youngest son, Taffy (11) is traveling with them; his job to keep an eye on little Seren (5), his sister. They are traveling to Willowbottom so that Taffy and Seren can meet their grandparents on their mother’s side. They’ve brought two of their prize nannies, a present for Lila’s brother and his family in Willowbottom.

Pony’s name – Marigold


Will post on the Inn thread tomorrow or so
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