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Wow! Glad to see all of you here already! I'd prepared a PM with some stuff in it, including telling you that this thread was open, but I think it's unnecessary now.

Here's the other thing I had to address.

I had one question for you all. Are all of your characters staying at the inn all the time, or do some of you go home at night? Tevildo, Firefoot, Celuien, and UndůmŽ, if your characters stay at the inn, they will be housed somewhere inside the main building, I think. Arry, if your character stays, I think he’ll probably have a room somewhere in the barn and stables so that he can keep an eye on the stock at all time. However, it is entirely possible and not too unlikely that the characters do go home at night, so if you want that, that’s fine.

I’m going to be trying to draw a map of the Inn and its grounds with the stables and barn included, so hopefully we’ll be able to see what it’s like tomorrow or so. I won't have time to do that today.

UndůmŽ and Arry, it is an excellent idea not to play with other people's characters any more than absolutely necessary. I can promise you that I won't do it (excepting that first post, UndůmŽ, sorry), but I can't promise you that new comers won't make conversation for you. (Arry tutored me on this concept, actually. Since playing his little brother in my first RPG I've been careful about playing with anybody's character without permission. . . )

And thanks, Child, for the congratulations. It's very exciting and I'm looking forward to it. PM me whenever you want, and with whatever you what.

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