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Facts about the village of Stock:

Found in the Eastfarthing of the Shire. It was a large village by Shire standards..

Stock was located specifically in the Marish on the Stockbrook near where it flowed into the Brandywine River.

Two main roads passed through it: the Stock Road that came east from Tuckborough and the Causeway that ran south from the Brandywine Bridge.

Many of the inhabitants of Stock were house-dwellers, like most Hobbits in the Marish.

The Puddifoots were one of the prominent families in Stock.

The farmers around Stock acknowledged the authority of the Master of Buckland across the Brandywine.

The finest beer in the Eastfarthing, it is said, could be found at The Golden Perch in Stock.

information from "The Thain's Book"

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