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Originally Posted by William Cloud Hicklin View Post
Hadn't copped to that one particularly, but there were other areas where T didn't really think through the ramifications of Valinor. Such as, Feanor and Fingolfin nearly coming to blows over being their father's heir. How's that again? An immortal people living in a place where nothing ever dies: how would inheritance be a thing?
Perhaps it's something like how things occasionally went in the Kingdom of England? Henry the Young King, elder brother of Richard the Lionheart, was created co-King of England with his father. Come to think of it, John acted as king in Richard's stead while the latter was away being a religious fanatic. If the King's Heir was a position of power in its own right - perhaps he runs the city while Finwe is away in Valimar? - it would be understandable to want to keep that power.

(Or, of course, Feanor could just have been angry about not getting all his dad's time and attention.)

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