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Ash was sorry to see that there was already contention among the Defenders. He disagreed with the dwarf, and was glad that Toby said something, but he hoped that Kuric wouldn't get insulted by his being put into place. After all, they all needed to work together, and there was no way to tell how long they would have to bear with each other.

Ash hoped that people would agree with Parkun, for he believed that food would improve the humor of the group, even though that sounded like a hobbitish idea. But even though he agreed, he didn't want to say so, seeing as there were enough opinions voiced, without him saying anything. So he waited silently, and desperatly hoped that tempers wouldn't flare.

While all had talked he had observed the other Defenders. He knew many of they himself, or at least had seen them before, and recognized them. But the dwarf, and a strange man, who had fingered his sword as he spoke. Ash hoped that he wouldn't cause any trouble, or prove dangerous.
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