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My character's profile....

NAME: Daisy

AGE: 12

RACE: Hobbit

GENDER: Female

APPEARANCE: Daisy is of average height for a young hobbit lass with blue eyes and a mop of brown curls. She has a ready smile and polite manner, which she uses to her advantage when she is dealing with her parents and other adult hobbits.

PERSONALITY: Daisy is generally bright and good hearted, though she can also be a little stubborn. This can be seen in her dealings with her brothers and sisters. As the oldest sibling of the group, Daisy sometimes considers herself to be their "surrogate mother". She doesn't hesitate to tell her brothers and sisters what to do. This sometimes creates friction, especially with her brother Tom who is only a year younger than her. Daisy will go along with her brother's mischief and even instigate a prank or two, but will usually manage to wiggle out at the last moment to keep herself from being punished.

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