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I am bored and so have decided that I believe in dream interpretation.

Deawen- your dream predicts emotional conflict and a struggle for independance or freedom. passion (that was the fire, dont get any ideas)
As for your second dream, yo need to fufill a wish, or something like that. Also, you do not like Arwen! ( me so clever)

Girithhen- Sorry, but your just weird

Pherostien- Success(lucky you) but also misfortune through secret enemies. Now you know about the scorpians!

Gorwingel- Wishful thinking?

Arien- I hope your not sad or depressed?

LePetitChoux- Emotional conflict or moral conflict that you should overcome soon. Or perhaps a sign that you shouldnt eat before bed?

Meela- Change in your love life ( thats what it says, nothing to do with me)

Thulorongil- Frustration, and an unhealthy obsession with LOTR!

Jeli Baggins- I have a dream journel to, and it really does pay. Overall, I get that you will get money, your dad is evil and Legolas is a girl.

faye Took- cant find anything for you. perhaps you'll have to be content with the dream.

VanimaEdhel- dont you just hate heart-breaking dreams? the dream hangover is awful.

Balin999- NEVER mix computer games and LOTR. Baaaad mixture!

Thats all I can do, but if you really want yours doing, tell me and I will. wow, this post was long! Sorry, but I love this subject and could go on and on forever. Dont forget to tell me if I was right or not.
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