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Re: Outline

Aiwendil posted: &quot;Clearly these are not the proportions that Tolkien envisioned! &quot;
lindil: I think they are quite close to Lost Tales as I mentioned les clearly above. As to a final conception we never see it. I recall some statements that the Long versions would be an appendix and in a fan fiction version this could be done -sticking w/ his words [and CRT when absolutely needed] it could not.

A:&quot;Nor would it make for very good reading; the ending in particular, I think, would be disappointing (after 180 pages of the Turin saga leading to . . . nothing?).

Lindil: leading actually to a rather full treatment of the Fall of Gondolin.And then the endings more or less provided by 77/CRT , I confess I have not looked at the Lost Tales Earendil close enough or recently enough to hazard a guess of how much if any could be used in a New Silm.

A:&quot;Casual readers would be disgusted,&quot;

l: I don't think I would use the word disgusted . Perhaps a poll is in order <img src=smile.gif ALT=""> ?

A:&quot;...and true Tolkien fans would rather read HoME.&quot;

L: Rather debatable , how does one know if one is a true Tolkien Fan , By a canon preference

Lindil is oft found on posting on the Silmarillion Project at the Barrowdowns and working on a new Elven/Christian discussion board<a href="" >Osanwe-Kenta</a> 'The dwindling Men of the West would often sit up late into the night, and awaken early before dawn- exchanging lore and wisdom such as they possessed , so that they should not fall back into the mean and low estate of those , who never knew or more sadly still, had indeed rebelled against the Light.' </p>
The dwindling Men of the West would often sit up late into the night exchanging lore & wisdom such as they still possessed that they should not fall back into the mean estate of those who never knew or indeed rebelled against the Light.
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