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Gee! Thanks for asking. They are slowly oozing onto the Downs, one chapter at a time, under pen name "Daffodil Furrow". But much more is written than is posted at the downs.

However, here the complete copy of "The Fairy Wife" is posted (see note below) and the developing "Bolco In Massachusetts" and "Bolco in the Shire" are also there. (I'm back to wrestling in Massachusetts; I hope I don't lose! Right now I'm pinned. [img]smilies/wink.gif[/img] )

Please forward reactions, criticism, suggestions...

The Fairy Wife was my take on the rumor mentioned in The Hobbit. Child of the 7th Age mentioned that some Fallohide must have married an elf. I ran with that at the time. Now I wonder what Tolkien really meant by "Fairy". I had always assumed that meant "elf". Would he have substituted the word "gnome"? As it stands it is more elvish than faery. (Sorry, lmp.)

Will I start hunting for Faery again? Maybe, like George MacDondald. But I really want to finish Bolco first.

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