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When that backdrop fades away, technology (and weapons...) grows stronger, and so does the physical power of the kingdom (perhaps), but it's not in fool bloom anymore.
<chuckle> Come to think of it, "fool" bloom may actually be an accurate description after all.
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Is it possible that in Pharazon's time gunpowder was, actually, legitimately, not invented yet?
Possibly not. Men of Middle Earth seem to have regressed during the Second Age (at least compared to the Edain of Beleriand under Noldorin tutelage). That civilization seems to have been represented as comparable to the Western European Dark or Middle Ages - which was before Gunpowder appeared in that region - (I think we can discount the Arab and Cathay learning which would have been far in the South or East of the places our tales center - the North West of Middle Earth).

If the knowledge existed in the South or East of Middle Earth, the tales that survive to us (primarily via the Red Book) don't say.

The Numenoreans, following the lead and learning of the Noldor and other Eldar, seem to have developed their own arts and "technology" (if that is even the right word). Consider the work they did fashioning the citadel of Orthanc. They may not have felt the need for such devices - may even have had their own "tools" that were more powerful but whose secrets have since been lost.
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As for the plagues, they could have just been plagues.
Quite probably, I think. However, it's also possible that Sauron had a hand in starting them - as the Great Plague served his purposes well (esp of unmanning the forts guarding Mordor). Even if it's only a matter of instructing his subservient peoples in the east to ignor such tedious things as sanitation, and then chasing plague carriers out of their homes and into the West as "refugees".

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