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Will sat at the kitchen table a large mug of steaming tea clasped in his hands. He was hungry and was looking forward to a large platter of eggs and bacon and toast with jam to fill in the corners, before he started the rest of his day’s work.

He’d been up since before first light, seeing to the ponies and horses that were stabled in the barn. Stalls had been mucked out, fresh hay gotten for the feeders, fresh buckets of water, and new bedding for the floor. Each horse had a nosebag of oats to start the day, as well as the hay in the feeders. All had been given a quick brushing before being turned out into the fenced exercise yard; the ones staying over again would be gone over more thoroughly with comb, brush, and hoof pick before being settled in for the night.

‘Good morning!’ Master Boffin’s voice boomed out merrily above the crackle of the frying bacon. ‘What’s for breakfast?’

Will grinned at him, offering him a mug of tea from the pot at the table. ‘Bacon, of course . . . nice and crispy, Master Boffin.’ Will nodded at Primrose as he spoke. ‘Bacon as only the gifted mistresses of the Perch’s kitchen can make it. Bacon fried so deftly the very thought of it brings a song of praise to my lips.’ He winked good-naturedly at Cook and gave her an ingratiating smile.

‘Oh and let there be eggs, too, please, m’ladies! Mounds of fluffy eggs scrambled gently.’ He nodded to the hay filled basket that sat on the end of the counter. ‘Hens were in a happy mood this morning. Only the little buff was real broody. Tried like the dickens to keep me away from her little clutch.’ He held up his right hand, showing off the little strips of linen he’d tied about two of his fingers where she’d pecked him. ‘I left her one . . . she seemed to settle down with that. Though, I must say she kept a baleful watch on me as I moved about the henhouse.’

‘Would you like me to cut the bread?’ he asked hopefully, pushing his now empty mug away from him. ‘I can get the toasting forks going if you’d like, too, ladies . . .’
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