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Tate listened to about half of what Erling said, and about half of that really registered with his mind. He couldn’t tell for sure if the man was still angry or not, but at least he wasn’t standing over him anymore or looking at him accusingly. As if he had much of any say in what his son did at all these days! Erling’s sons had gone behind their father’s back as well, it seemed, which somehow made Tate feel a little better.

He tried to focus on the last bit, as Erling’s voice seemed to indicate he was talking directly to him again. At the words ‘cold and hungry’ Tate sniveled a bit before shoving his face back into his mug, or vice-versa.



Edwin shrank back slightly at Jessamy’s words. What was the matter with him?! Was he afraid of her? What could she do to him? What could anyone do to him? His father likely wouldn’t remember this night, like every other night.

It was another feeling entirely. Something gnawing at him, making him just want to disappear. But no, it wasn’t fear.

Edwin’s eyes widened a bit as Jessamy went on about having to explain things to people back in town. Oh no, no, no…he was so happy to just be alive and a little warmer, and had been thinking of nothing but food. He had not thought one bit about what he would tell people when they inevitably asked him on the morrow, or commented on his disappearance for days, maybe even months afterward. What would he tell the other boys? He could come up with a number of stories that would impress them, but there were all these witnesses!

He blinked at Jessamy as she walked out. What had Willem said? What did she have to tell him? He would keep any secret in the world, especially for Jessamy at this point. He would do anything she asked if only she wouldn’t tell anyone what had happened. He had been afraid…

He wrapped his arms around himself and stared at the caravan door as it closed behind her.
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