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Mithalwen is lost in the dark paths of Moria.Mithalwen is lost in the dark paths of Moria.Mithalwen is lost in the dark paths of Moria.Mithalwen is lost in the dark paths of Moria.
“So are we, sir,” said Silas having taken Willem’s frozen hand “and even gladder to find Jessamy safe and looked after. I..” Silas stopped himself from tactlessly expressing the received wisdom of Breeland, that he thought only strange folk like the Rangers or worse frequented the Downs and the Forest and that it was a wonder that Jessie had managed encounter only people who wished her no ill. Somewhat clumsily he picked up on Willem’s earlier comment.

“I… I suppose the likeness shows more when we are together. Jessie is most like Dad, our other brother looks like our mother, and the rest of us are in between one way or another. But sorry we haven’t introduced ourselves I’m Silas, and these two are Seth and Bryn” he added as his brothers shook hands with Willem in their turn.

"Now you look as cold as the Northwind's nose" Jessamy chided limping towards the group, unfolding herself from Willem’s cloak as she did so and offering it back to him. She was sure she had seen him shiver and felt a wave of guilt. “I told Karl you should have taken your cloak. Shall I make you some tea?”

“This isn’t a picnic, Jessie,” reproved Silas “ – there are people at home worried about you , Mum , Dad, Fern, Filbert , no doubt about Edwin too."
“Filbert? I don’t think so.. “

“To be fair he might be more worried about what Seth would do to him if we didn’t find you” clarified Bryn “and seeing how cold it is we might not have found you in time “ he pointed out, ever the realist.

“We might never have found you at all” added Silas gloomily – we were going round in circles until the horses decided they knew where they were going – maybe they sensed Willem’s mare”

“Or maybe they were frightened by Seth’s bear… “ added Bryn grinning.

“I don’t know why you call it my bear just because you are too deaf to hear and too stubborn to believe what your eyes are showing you – don’t forget we will be going back that way .. and what happened to just being happy Jess is safe? Does it help to point out that she might have been eaten by a bear if she didn’t freeze to death first? “

“Might not do any harm to have a brew while we decide what to do next if you don’t mind, Willem. We have firewood and other supplies on the cart – the horses could use a breather and Jessie could be warmer by the look of her”. Bryn suggested realising that their sister’s rescuers were being ignored as family bickering resumed.

“That is true enough” said Seth who had substituted his own cloak for Willem’s returned one “What about the boy Edwin? Is he fit to travel? “
“ I don’t know – I think maybe Karl has gone to check on him” answered Bryn looking towards the caravan - so what about that tea?”, Silas had slipped away for a moment to put rugs over the horses and he might as well collect what was needed from the waggon at the same time Bryn reasoned.

“I’ll make it!” Jessamy offered trying to make amends.

“You ought to be resting your foot “

“Why are you being so nice, Seth?” Jessie asked bewildered.

“Don’t get used to it. As soon as we get back I am going to get Bryn to make you a cage… you are never going off the farm again” he wrapped his arms about her shoulders protectively

“Never? “

“Well if you are good I’ll take you in to town once a year on your birthday ..on a chain”

“Oh” Jessie’s face fell... Seth’s joke was too close to the punishment she feared she deserved. Though, before her rescue, she had longed to home and never leave, meeting Willem had revived the attraction of the wider world. Now the doors to that seemed to be closing against her forever and as firmly as the arms that held her. Too weary, confused and dejected now to cry she crumpled against her brother and looked helplessly towards Willem and the caravan, as if he or Karl might be able to rescue her from this fate too.

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