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Karl couldn't help but feel a swell of pride and worth as Jessamy told her brothers how he was essentially her rescuer. He had been able to do so little for her, he thought, but at least he had come across her and been able to offer what help he could. He at least thought he had a much better sense of the land than she did, though this evening that had seemed somewhat questionable.

At the mention of Edwin, he glanced back toward the cart. He quietly accepted the brothers' thanks, shaking his head but not knowing what else to say. He had happened to come across her, what else would he have done? Leave her on her own?

Duke's attention seemed caught by something outside the fire's light. Karl watched him, not sure from Duke's appearance if he sensed friend or foe, man or creature. Perhaps Duke didn't know himself. Then Willem stepped into the firelight, startling the horses.

Karl wondered where Willem had been, but he had no reason to be nosey and question him. It seemed that would be particularly impolite at this point, considering he had just introduced himself to the brothers.

Karl murmured that he was going to check on Edwin, not worrying overmuch if anyone heard him, and dragged Duke along with him to stay near the steps of the caravan and away from the people on whom he so wanted to jump.
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