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Karl wondered a bit at Willem's way with Jessamy. He seemed to interact with her with ease, and know exactly what to say. People in general were never particularly easy to interact with, and children least of all. Karl did not find them bothersome, but he just was not sure how to handle them.

Willem left and Jessamy's mind seemed to follow him out. It seemed she was greatly intrigued by this man, for which Karl couldn't blame her. He was more confused by him than intrigued at this point, but maybe that was just because he had some catching up to do, when Jessamy's mind had already run far ahead.

The thoughts she shared certainly were too fast and too far ahead for him. Karl was mulling over what she said, trying to connect it all, and of course trying to come up with some reasonable response. He couldn't go encouraging her to believe in certain things, particularly since her parents may not want her to believe in certain stories. He didn't think there was really a problem with believing in them, at least for a while...and then even at his age believing in parts of them. Karl believed in the sort of evil that a barrow-wight embodied, whether they were evil dead men or evil spirits in their bodies...well he didn't know about any of that, or any of their magic songs. But he knew there was plenty to fear in this world, even now.

He looked at Jessamy. And yet even she could take it all in stride. Or perhaps she could better than most.

Karl had almost decided no response was necessary, and then Jessamy brought his mulling to an end. All of a sudden she was worried about Willem being cold? As he had thought...all in stride. No reason to sit around worrying about wights and wizards, whether they were good or bad...worry about other people and whether or not they were cold.

Karl smiled and followed Jessamy out, feeling the need not to let her out of his sight. Sure Willem was right outside, but...well, the way the evening had gone, he didn't assume anything would be the way it should. Which meant perhaps that he had absolutely no reason to think Willem couldn't be a wizard. He glanced at Edwin's still sleeping form before heading toward the doorway of the wagon.

No, there was no Willem. But there were others...Jessamy's official rescue had arrived.

Karl observed the reunion, watching the shapes at the edge of the fire light. He stayed in the doorway, not wishing to interrupt. Duke of course had no sense of manners, and was happily barking at the new arrivals. "C'mere, Duke," he said, getting the dog to come sit near the caravan, away from both the poor horse and the family reunion. "Now shush."

He stepped down the stairs but stayed near the door, peeking in at Edwin again before closing it behind him to keep out the cold. He scanned around the edge of the fire, wondering where Willem was. Could something have happened to him? Surely not, considering the type of man he was. But one could have too much confidence and not enough caution, even on the road.

Karl walked over toward the boy's cart and Duke followed, wagging and twitching but resisting the urge to bark and jump at all the new people. "Did you run into any trouble on the trip out here?" If Willem had found trouble, perhaps the boys had run into it too.

He felt like he should perhaps explain things, but Jessamy had already told them the necessary pieces of the story it seemed. And what was he to say, other than reassure them that their sister was alright, even with him. He was a little nervous about what these young men thought of him, but he was also a touch disappointed that he was no longer a rescuer at that he had been rescued by Willem, as well. But mostly, of course, he was just relieved. Perhaps he could even avoid the entire trip back to Bree-town, and the awkward return to parents.
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