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Leanora found herself walking beside Ash, as always. The twins did not talk, they were both deep in thought.

Ash's friend Madoc came to say hello to him. Leanora didn't know the hobbit and in her current mood she left herself out of their company, walking a few paces behind them. She looked around, wonderingly, when she saw a familiar figure running towards them. What is Orin doing here?

Leanora waited for her little brother to come. Meanwhile, the others kept walking: it seemed they hadn't noticed the arrival of the young lad nor Leanora stopping. "Orin, what is it now?" Lea asked, slightly annoyed because of the interferance. The boy pulled a face at his sister. "I wasn't to come to bring you a message. I was to bring it to Master Mugwort." The lad took a few steps to the bigger group, when his sister gripped his shoulder. "Were you?" she asked. Leanora couldn't believe their father would send the ill-mannered lad to bring the news to the respected hobbit gentleman. Orin tried to get free from his sister's grasp, but he couldn't.

"What are you doing? Orin, why are you here?" Ash had noticed his sister was missing and come to them. "Lea, we should be going, the others are over there already", he said, pointing. "I see, maybe we should go", she said and cast a doubtful look at her younger brother, letting him go. He sprinted off. "Mugwort, Mugwort", he shouted, running to the others. Lea and Ash gave each other the all too familiar "oh no"-look and spurted after him.

The lad ran to Toby Mugwort, who was talking to Madoc, and interrupted their discussion. "Mister Mugwort! My Papa wanted you to know that our neighbour's horse has gone missing!"

It took the hobbit a moment to answer, and Leanora - who had just arrived with Ash - decided to interfere: "Excuse him, Master Mugwort", she took a quick breath. "This is my and Ash's brother, Orin. He seems to have news from our father, Renly Winkle. And by 'our neighbour' I trust he means farmer Todd Maple", she finished abruptly.
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