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Leanora looked out of the window, watching a crow fly in the sky. She was deep in thought and hardly listened to the Mayor's words. It was not that she wasn't interested - she was - but the Mayor's speech was very dull and there was nothing new for her as the Mayor's daughter, Jinna, had already told her the latest news.

Leanora was thinking about the issue. Many people had lost animals, mostly sheep. Leanora and her brother's friend Jock had lost his dear dog. What kind of beast can it be? Papa had suggested that the killers were ordinary wolves, who had just become more aggressive, but Leanora couln't agree. It wasn't a satisfactory explanation. Old stories of hill trolls and even more horrible beats of the wilderness kept danicng in her head.

Suddenly Leanora noticed Ash springing up. "Sir, Leanora and I would be happy to be of any help to the lands and people of Bree. Count us in", he said in a steady voice. Leanora cast a quizzical look at him. He sat down and smiled his apologetic smile. Leanora rolled her eyes. Ash never asks my opinion because he always thinks he can assume what I think, Leanora thought, a bit grumpily. Ash looked at her. "Lea?" he asked, looking slightly worried. He seemed to wonder if he had mistaken her feelings about the matter. "It seems we're going, then", she said and grinned. How could her brother have even slightly doubted her love for adventures?
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