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Kuric was rather well traveled, even by dwarf standards and had seen many places in Middle-earth and visited a large amount of areas both civilized and uncivilized. He was and adventurer and treasure hunter and loved to be on the move. Little had slowed him down, after a 5 year respite back at home; if it could truly be called home for he spent such little time there, in Erebor Kuric decided it was time to go seek adventure once again.

After the great war of the ring, in which Kuric proudly fought along side his people, Middle-earth had found peace for many years, and while this was good for most, it was horrible for Kuric. He felt bored and needed some adventure. North was the desired course for him. Perhaps he could find adventure outside the realm of King Ellesar.

Kuric had intended to head to the northern reaches of Eriador to seek out trolls, orcs, or other foul creatures. While on his way he took a brief reprieve in Bree and was familiar with the area as he had stayed here on previous occasions. While familiar with many he was not overly friendly with many, though some of the hardy men became Kuricís drinking mates and they had many good nights at the Prancing Pony. Kuric was ready to set off once again when he heard of strange happenings, Kuric was excited that adventure found him in the least likely place and anticipation coursed through him and he figured he might as well see this out. He knew that this small and rather pathetic, little establishment would need the veteran leadership and experience of an old campaigner such as him. He would whip this rag tag crew into shape and get to the cause of this mystery. He decided he would attend the meeting and give his aid.

Sitting through the meeting Kuric was happy to hear that the mayor didn't pull any punches and was honest with the townfolk. As a whole, meetings bored him and this was no exception too many people talking and not enough decisions. After hearing Grimbeorn speak up about his experience and the need the town would need of his aid, Kuric could take it no more. He stood abruptly, chuckled loudly and stated matter of factly " Bah! You need a dwarfs help in this and I've got nothing better ta do at the time so I'll be helping you all out here. After all I've seen a bit more adventure than the lot of ya and if things get rough ye'll have me mace, it has sat idle for too long now and is quenching some blood." Kuric grinned and was rather pleased with himself. He felt he had a way with words and making people feel at ease.

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