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Sorn felt panic rise as his reactions became dulled by fatigue. His strength was ebbing, maintained only by the force his rage exerted on his bodyís will. And his knowledge that to lose would mean his death, and his complete failure.

A manís pride is his greatest asset. Sorn had always felt a swell in his chest at that statement.

When his former servant blanched a moment, Sorn thrust forward and left a sizeable tear in Scyldís tunic. He grunted, as the wound he left was no more serious than the one Scyld had dealt him. He was still too slow. Gurth bellowed, and Sornís grin stretched wide over his sharp teeth.

There was a wisp, a sudden movement as another figure sprang into his view. The young woman barred the way between Scyld and Sorn. Sorn did not gloat at this turn of events. The Lady Linduial had not fled, but tried to rescue his old, deceitful servant? Why would she make such an impulsive, foolish movement for someone so inferior?

Sorn almost felt the situation laughable, had his poor foresight not brought him here. Determined to right his mistakes, Sorn drew another dagger. He could not possibly miss.

A manís pride is everything, and no single deed can be counted unworthy in the pursuit of keeping it.

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