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She had heard the singing and the banter but as if it were a whisper in the distance dampened by the filmy fog. Slowly by slowly it had grown louder until she could make out strange figures in the sunken cloud. The first thing her human eyes saw of their missing band was Dárin, the dwarf, taking a backwards tumble off of the back of his mount. Slightly - mischeviously - amused, but mostly just glad to see they had found the two stray memebers of their rescue party Valesseka laughed loudly and pushed her ankles into Buinn's sides to urge him on. "And I remember watching you behind all of us," she cleared her throat "Perhaps there is some weird force acting against us?"

The Arnorian tried to sober up her expression more, Eomerleo's grin felt contagious. "Are you hurt any, master dwarf?" - probably best if she didn't mention the tumble... just to save his feelings - "or you, Eomerleo?" Buinn, being the stubborn gedding he was, refused to move any closer after the third approaching step. So, with the roll of her eyes, Valesseka climbed down and left the lazy stead a few short paces behind her to inspect the two found riders.
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