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Dárin laughed. "Ah, Éomeléo, you make me feel young again. I suppose it must happen to those who travel with a feather in their hat. The Road goes ever, ever on. Perhaps we are fools to sit at our forges and hammers in the Iron Hills. But I could not bear much more of this profane horse-riding!" Dárin tried to re-adjust his posture for the fourth time in as many minutes, and promptly fell off. Before he could struggle to his knees, his pack sprung open, and all of the small items tinkled to his head one-by-one. To add to the effect, the elves chose this moment to return from the fog, and saw the whole thing.

Surprisingly though, Dárin did not get angry. He merely picked himself up from the ground, mumbled an apology, and was helped back on the horse, humming, then chanting.

"Over plains and mountains wide,
We free the chained, we ride, we ride.
Rakhâs and bandit upon the road
We will return, laden with gold.

With gold, ha-hoy, with gold!"

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