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Hazed vision was something Sorn was familiar with. Mugs of ale were usually the cause, but this blurry surge through his body could only be the cause of extreme fatigue. And as Scyld taunted him, he supposed his rage was also playing a part.

"I hope you know how long I have conspired against you... how many years I’ve had a lock pick to your study and intimate knowledge of your records and funds… how long I’ve waited for this day."

Scyld jumped and curved out of Sorn's range, the smile on his face making him throb with the urge to strangle him. Sorn was hardly coherent, but he would not take such quips go without answer. Sorn was fatigued, but not silly enough to let Scyld’s dagger slice him, as he dodged quickly.

"Then I take it you know why I never gave you a task worth doing. Save for cleaning up after those with more bravery! You could never take a life, Scyld. Only stand by and watch while someone with the...stomach...did it for you. I would have left you to clean basins had I not cared for them to be done properly!"

As Sorn put most of his attention to this struggle, his eyes darted about for Gurth. The beast had obviously been distracted by something. Was it the approaching horses? Sorn did not let his thought on that stray too far.
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