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Éomeléo pondered how best to answer Dárin. He hadn't been too keen to speak of his former life, but he supposed that he had to placate the Dwarf somehow. Taking off his hat and examining it, he began to speak.

"I have always worn such clothes. I have had this hat for years and I am quite fond of it. They are not so fine as they might appear, for they have travelled long and far and have gone through hardships they could not previously have imagined. But surely, they do invoke nobility. My family was, is, rich. I have not seen them for some time. I decided to become a bit of an adventurer and that's how I ended up here."

They began to ride north-west, the fog still hanging over them, shielding them from the sight of others. Éomeléo told Dárin about the Quest for the Golden Hoard, and began to feel more at ease, knowing that the other adventurers could take care of themselves, at least for a while.
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