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Sorn looked down quickly and inspected Gurth’s wound. So it was Scyld, then. Sorn said evenly, and in a low tone "He will tell us where she is" Sorn knew that he didn’t need to tell Gurth more than that.

He turned forward, and after a moment, rushed for where the dagger had sprung from with a yell. A dagger of his own was already in one hand, a curled fist his only other weapon. He inwardly cursed leaving his broadsword behind. The plans he had laid out were now unravelled. He would now be a hunted man. His wealth would never be as it was, as he had hoped. His family would fade and be little more than a small scratch in a ledger, dusty and forgotten. His rage rose higher at the thought of the King’s men wandering his estate, surveying his property.

Fuelled by that repugnant thought, he swung around the stone obstructing his view and swung a wide arc with his thin, long blade…

Below Sorn the sounds of horses and their men grew louder.
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