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From her hiding place Lin could barely see Scyld behind his tree, but she noticed when he threw the knife. She stifled a terrified whimper and plastered herself deeper into the rock hollow, the dagger held in front of her. Her terror in this moment was so great that even had Degas himself stepped in front of her she would have tried to kill him.

Only a few more seconds and their pursuers would be upon them. Lin knew she could not stay hidden, not for long,but for now she froze. If she could only buy enough time, somehow, for Scyld to rescue her. Surely he knew just what to do.

She picked up a largish stone that lay near her foot and carefully threw it away to her right, away from Scyld. It crashed into a pile of bracken with a noise that seemed deafening after the silence of their wait, but maybe it would confuse their pursuers, long enough for Scyld to come up with a plan. He was going to come up with a plan, Lin was sure.

She peered cautiously toward Scyld's tree, making sure he was all right, hoping for some mark of approval of her action.
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