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Valesseka blinked as the stange old caretaker left... she did have a question- several, really- but felt they would only prove in embarrassing her with her current company. Instead she held her tongue. As half of the party departed for the stables outside, she looked at Eomerleo but he, the dwarf and an elf were already busy sharing words with one another.

"He's preoccupied... I could ask later." the Arnorian thought to herself with a sigh. Valesseka followed the other two elves out to their 'new' horses and found her's quickly. Buinn, an older but strongly built grey gelding with a perpetual scowl soon carried her as well as her supplies out, waiting for the other rescuers to climb on their horses and settle in.

Without warning "Gllaa- Glo- Oh what was it? That horrible name... I can't remember..." Valesseka grimaced half to herself and half to the elven couple speeding off into the horizon. "At least now I can talk to Eomerle-" her thought broke off. Way ahead two of the elves were presses their faces together and... and... kissed!

In no time Valesseka was very red, and scowlling like Buinn.
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