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Arianna had gone outside and had quickly switched the provisions. She then paid the stable boy to send her horse back with the message of great thanks for the horse, but that she had her own.

Arianna swung her leg up onto her horse just as Glirdingo raced off into the darkness. She reached down for a lantern and raced after him.

"Glirdingo! Slow down!" She called. She ran her horse beside him.

"What are you doing? You don't have a lantern and the rest of the group is still gathering their things and getting on their horses. You can't go galavanting into the darkness without us. Especially not me!" Arianna said forcefully. She sighed. He hadn't changed since their youth. He always had been the one that ran into the thick of things without waiting or thinking about what was to come. She was thankful that she was here to talk some sense into him.
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