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Dárin listened neutrally as the caretaker came inside and Glirdingo explained the situation. He was (relatively) pleased until the mention of Tharbad, a faraway fort or ruin as he remembered, and the other mention, horses.

"Horses?" said Dárin. Oh no, I should have seen this coming. "I'm afraid I have no experience riding the beasts. Dwarves concentrate upon civilised society rather than huts and riding. I shall need to find one of you to ride with, I fear." He wondered how he could possibly continue his mission if he had to learn to ride.

And another problem presented itself. Which to ride with? He thought for a moment, and rested upon the Gondorian, Éomeléo. He liked the southern realm, they knew of good stonework and were hardy. But he stands close to the other mortal, Valesseka. I will be in the way, perchance. Dárin decided to take the chance.

"Éomeléo, man of Gondor, I have taken a liking to you. Will you ride with me?"

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