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Eodwine and Garstan made their way back to the house, hoping to meet up with Haleth and his men. At least, Eodwine hoped that they would soon arrive.

When they cleared the last building before the front courtyard, there were many men milling about. Eodwine could make out Deren with him a young woman wearing fine clothing.

"Garstan, I do believe our errand is achieved. Look!" Garstan followed his direction and grunted his satisfaction, which was about all he could manage for the pain in his shoulder. "Easy now, we'll have you properly cared for before long, my friend."

But the closer they came, the less sure Eodwine was. Deren looked miffed, and the woman looked the less like Linduial.

When they had come up to the other men, Eodwine gave Garstan into the care of the Eored's herbmaster. Quickly apprised of the situation, Eodwine made a decision.

"I'm going in there!"

"But lord!" cried Garstan, his face a mask of effort trying to hide the pain. "Who is going to save your life if I'm not there?"

Eodwine grinned. "I shall have to save my own hide then! You three Eorlingas! Come! Deren! You come too!"

Eodwine was grateful for such good men. They slowed when they came to the place where Sorn had been hiding, and cautiously moved forward toward the house.

"Lord," whispered Deren," allow me to go first."

"Then how can you watch my back? Stay where you are."

They went inside the front doorway and were confronted with the relative darkness of the corridor. They squinted until their eyes adjusted, hoping not to be surprised by enemies in the moment of their weakness. No one could be seen.

"Voices, lord!" Deren said, "from down away!"

Eodwine nodded and led the men to a stairway.

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