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It seemed to happen in slow motion. As Haleth stepped out the back door, he thought he heard voices and put his hand to his sword hilt. Almost immediately he saw two men emerging from the sought-for cellar door; he took a step forward, his boot crunching on some dry leaves, and began to draw his sword – and just that fast, one of the men was turning, dagger in hand, loosing it in Haleth’s direction, and though he saw it coming, he could not move quickly enough; a burning pain sliced into his left shoulder.

Haleth found himself incapable of clear thought; otherwise, he would surely have called for help. But now, with maddening pain in his shoulder and burning hatred at the sight of Linduial’s captors, he flew at them. Here, my Queen, is my chance to make up for my mistakes and do something right. I will kill these fiends.

Perhaps, if he had been closer to them, launching himself at them may have worked better; as it was, the great brute of a man had time to draw his axe and block Haleth’s onslaught. The other man appeared unarmed after loosing his dagger at Haleth, and Haleth tried to block him from getting at the dagger, but he could not do so and still keep the monster at bay.

He fought with fury, but Haleth could feel himself beginning to fade away as strength bled out his arm, which was rapidly becoming useless in handling his double-handed sword. His armor, so proudly worn, felt heavy as it never had before while the weight of impending failure loomed over his mind. He, who had been loyal all these years to the Queen, could not even complete this simple, most important service to her.

“You – will get – what – you deserve,” he grunted out as he continued to struggle…

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