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Somehow she didn't quite look like Haleth had imagined, whether she was dressed to simply or something else. It struck him odd, too, that there was no mark of physical injury on her; from Torim's account, he would have expected her to be bruised and possibly bloody. And it was always possible that Sorn had not liked her wearing such fine clothes and given her a simpler dress to wear... but still, there was something about her appearance. She looked rather familiar, like someone he should recognize.

Haleth frowned. He ought to remember what Linduial looked like; had he ever seen her? Once? At a distance?

Well, of course he ought to recognize her, then, if he had seen her.

Despite his doubts, he smiled, inquiring, "Lady Linduial?"

She returned his smile and nodded. The lady's assent should be all that was needed, right? "Good work, men," he said. "Take her outside, and keep this man under heavy guard. I'd like to have a look around the rest of the house... make sure we aren't missing anything." Then he selected two men to come with him; wandering around an unfamiliar by himself with Sorn's whereabouts unknown could hardly be called prudent. "Check all the rooms, and let me know of any locked doors."

They quickly found one room just down the hall to be locked, then another closer to the kitchen. The first, he supposed, might be a library or a study of sorts - perhaps Sorn kept his money inside. As for the second, Haleth figured it almost had to be a basement or cellar of sorts; the foundation of the house had indicated that one probably existed, and they had found no other door leading downstairs, unless there was only an outside entrance. That would be worth looking into.

"See if you can get either of those doors open," he told his two companions. "I want to know what's inside. I'll be back in a few minutes; I'm going to step out back to check if there's an outside cellar door."

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