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Originally Posted by A Little Green View Post
Phantom's theory is interesting. The first thing that popped into my mind upon finding out that Boro was one of the Seers was that he dreamed Phantom was Hera. Why? I figured that "allied to the almighty Zeus" or however he phrased it would mean Hera, and he was talking about phantom at the time. (And please folks, don't club me in the head for thinking too simply. Not yet, at least.) But why would a Boroseer who has found a wolf a) make such obvious references to being a Seer and still b) leave such vague but obvious hints as to who the wolf is? Now if phantom indeed is Hera, the wolves will have spotted that immediately and done off with Boro (who they pretty much have now pinned down as the real Seer). But the thing is, Boro will have known this would happen if he makes such blatant hints and happens to be in fact the real Seer. So I'm thinking - maybe he did that on purpose, to see if the wolves attacked him - because if (or rather, when) they did, it would almost prove that they caught his hint, ergo phantom is proven to be a wolf.
I hadn't thought of that. It might explain Boro's odd phrasing, with all three "alliances" being basically the same thing.

However, against the possibility of Boro's having dreamed a wolf at all is this:

If you're the Seer, and you want to know whether you're the genuine article, you can find out by the death of someone you dreamed. Yes, there's a possibility you might still be the False Seer, right by chance, but that's very small at this stage. (It increases as the village shrinks, but that's all the more reason to get cracking). Therefore, if you dreamed a baddie, it makes sense for you to push hard for his-or-her lynching. Now, Boro made no real effort to get the phantom, or indeed anyone, lynched (his comments on Steve came very late in the Day). Therefore I should say that he probably didn't dream a wolf.

...Except that I so far haven't come up with any satisfying explanation for what Boro did yesterDay. So maybe I shouldn't be counting on him making sense, according to my lights.

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