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Durelin is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.Durelin is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.
Here is my bio for approval! Let me know if there are any problems. I tried to make him fit with what was in the first post for the game -- I hope I did a fine job of that. He is pretty similar to Artamir when it comes down to it -- I think that will make their conflict even more interesting. I think he will also be wanting to kill Artamir at every step of the way (whenever he feels they don't really need him anymore), and will probably need someone to convince him not to rather religiously...

Sorry I've not yet had the time to do a first post but I thought I'd at least post his bio. Should my first post go very far/at all past the first post for the game or should I simply give Regnar's perspective of the struggle between him and Artamir?


Name: Regnár
Age: Late 20s
Race: Man, Gondorian

Weapons: Currently just the blade he has taken from the Easterling guard

Appearance: He is not too tall, only about 5'9" or so, but he is broad of shoulder and is naturally sturdy. He is leaner than in the past due to his years as a slave, but he certainly has not lost his muscle completely. His hair is dark and his eyes dark as well. He looks closer to an Easterling these days thanks to all the time spent out in the sun. His hair is down to his chin and unkempt, and he has a good bit of beard growing -- one of his first plans after securing the guard is to get rid of as much of that mess of hair on his head and face as he can. Until he gets on a guard uniform, he has only pants to cover him as he was let loose for the slave hunt in this demeaning way.

Personality: Regnár was always a proud man, but now he has nothing but his beleaguered pride and his desire for revenge. But that is enough to drive him. He is an intelligent man, but has never had an interest in learning. He makes good decisions when he is given time to think, but can act too recklessly when he has to think on his toes. His ideas can get away from him at times and he needs someone to keep him grounded. Regnár has always had a very strong love for Gondor and his people, and was dedicated to serving his lord, whether it be the Lord Denethor whom he served faithfully in the past or King Elessar. He is a man of duty. He is not a man of ideals, particularly not anymore. At times he felt himself hoping selfishly that men of Gondor might come to the rescue of their kinsmen kept as slaves, but he knew that still his homeland must not be safe from harm or even rebuilt from the years of war. And he is but one man, and one who failed in his duty. He must save himself -- and he would certainly be serving Gondor in that process.

History: Regnár served as a soldier of Gondor from the age of 16 until he was captured and made a slave. He was the youngest of three sons with one younger sister. His eldest brother took up his father's business of smithing, and he served with his other brother in the War. His brother was one of the many men killed in the attempt to take back Osgiliath. After the war he was promoted to captain and lead groups of men on strikes against the holdouts of Orcs and Evil Men. But he was reckless and overconfident as he relentlessly hunted down a party of Easterlings. He separated his vanguard from the rest of his troops in his pursuit, and lead them into slaughter. Unfortunately, he did not die that day. Years later, the blood of his men is still on his hands; several of those who were not killed he has had to watch die in slavery. But this has not caused him to give in to guilt and despair (he is perhaps too proud to feel guilt to its fullest), but rather his guilt contributes to his need to escape, or at least to enact revenge upon the killers of his men and his captors. He had been mulling over plans of escape since the day he was taken as a slave, but others whom he tried to include in his plans frustrated his vain hopes and so kept him alive. But finally all fell into place with the arrival of the Harvest Festival and the slave hunt. They would free him for their own sport...and he would give them a good fight if nothing else.


Durelin's post:

As Regnár pressed the knife into the Easterling's throat, he repeatedly promised himself he would kill this man...but not yet, not yet. This man was his way out of this place -- the only chance, at least. There were no guarantees, and he knew he was taking a great many risks. But when had that ever stopped him? It was what got him here in the first place, he thought bitterly...

He smiled -- he could not help it. This delighted him. This man had been the focal point of his hatred for this land and this people who enslaved him for the past five years, and before that he had hated them for the harm they had done to Gondor and for serving the Dark Lord. Regnár often thought of them more as creatures than men.

And they had tried to turn him into a creature...they would hunt and kill him as one, too. But he had more wits than a common beast, and more will. In only one way would he recognize he was like an animal: if cornered, he would fight to his death. If he could not escape through this wild plan, he would at least cause as much trouble and bring as many Easterlings down with him as he could.

The Easterling gave in to the slaves' demands; Regnár thought he would be cowardly enough to do so. The Gondorian grudgingly removed the knife from Artamir's throat and slowly rose, still holding the knife out and watching the guard carefully. He wanted dearly to take the knife and chop off some of the mess of hair on his head -- he had not been able to remain clean shaven since his capture. That and all the hours of work out in the sun had made him look more like these Easterlings. It made him feel unclean both inside and out. But his current appearance might serve to his advantage along with the guard livery...

But with pale Ariel and a woman this plan was close to madness. He knew he could trust Ariel to keep his wits about him, at least, but even after five years in the south he still looked akin to a Gondorian prince... And he knew next to nothing about this woman, except that she was an old slave. Hopefully that meant she was tough and would not slow them down, but her age might do that anyway.

Could Regnár and Ariel pose as guards, and the woman (what was her name? Suza or something?) could simply pose as the servant she was? Regnár glanced at the other beings present in the room, his mind turning. The children were witnesses...


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