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Alright, here comes my secondary character (whom I can hopefully kill off before the end )...

NAME: Vigdis

AGE: 147

RACE: Dwarf

GENDER: female

WEAPONS: A beautiful, heavy sword with runes of protection as a decoration.

APPEARANCE: Vigdis' hair is black and she keeps it on a single braid that reaches below her waist. She has a broad, plain face the only striking feature of which are the dark grey deep-set eyes that betray little of what goes on behind them. She's of an average height for a Dwarf woman and a little sturdier.

PERSONALITY/STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: Vigdis is a skilled mason dedicated to her work. She's hard-working and ambitious, which has enabled her to achieve a lot in her profession. She also makes sculptures of stone, but doesn't regard them as anything else but the crude work of an amateur.

Vigdis is reserved and honest and she has an exceptionally good memory. It has aided her in many ways in the course of her life, but it has little by little turned her grudging and spiteful. This unpleasant trait in her character is only enforced by the typical Dwarven determination and relentlessness that live strongly in her.

HISTORY: Vigdis was born in the Iron Hills on the last day of year 2846. She was the only child of a famous warrior and his wife, and became disappointment to her father just because of her gender. When she grew older, he wanted to train her in the arts of war nevertheless. Her mother considered this very inappropriate, for Dwarf women do not go to war. Therefore, she left her husband and moved to another settlement, taking her young daughter with her.

However, Vigdis became a disappointment for her mother too. She would have liked to see her become a scribe and a rune-master, but Vigdis could not have been less interested in ink and dusty tomes. Instead, she seeked to be apprenticed to a master mason, and to the surprise of her mother, was accepted.

For the next several decades, she studied her craft and developed her working methods. Before long it became evident that she had surpassed her master both in knowledge and skill and a rivalry appeared between them. The mutual trust and respect were turning into jealousy and forced courtesy. When Dáin became the King under the Mountain, Vigdis was ready to join those of his folk who followed him.

Erebor changed Vigdis' life. There was plenty of work for a willing and able craftsman like her and she could finally lead a life without the pressure of her family or her tutor. Also, it was in the Kingdom under the Mountain that she met Balin, son of Fundin, and fell in love with him. It was evident, though, that Lord Balin desired no wife. Proud and stubborn like the womanfolk of her people tend to be, Vigdis decided that if he would not have her, she would take no other husband for no one else would fill her standards. So she nurtured her love in silence and dedicated herself even more to her craft. But when Balin announced that he would go to Khazad-dűm, there was no question about Vigdis following. The colony has given Vigdis more freedom and more work than she could ever have imagined and thanks to the continuous skirmishes with Orcs, she has been able to refresh her skills with the sword as well.

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