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Well, here I am and here's my character bio. I've been working on it since last night only I did not have time to post it until now.

NAME: Bain

AGE: 80

RACE: Dwarf


WEAPONS: A short axe, although he can be handy with a knife as well.

APPEARANCE: He is of average height and well built. He has long brown hair which tends to get tangled very easily. His eyes are clear dark blue.

PERSONALITY/ STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: He is usually of a quiet disposition-unless he is drinking with his friends, a thing he is most fond of doing. He is not very much of a practical thinker and gives no thoughts to the consequences of his actions. Actually, he thinks it is the here and now that matter and that no one should bother with what the future will bring. He is a craftsman and he likes making things and spends most of his time thinking what he should forge next. He is loyal, but he claims he gives his loyalty only to those who are truly worth it.

HISTORY: Bain was born in a family of craftsmen and he had always been very fond of this trade. A year or two after the Battle of Five Armies, his entire family moved from the Iron Hills to Erebor, and that is the place that he considers home. However, when Balin had asked him to come to Moria as his skills would be needed there and he would have the chance to make much more wonderful things, he felt pleased and did not refuse. He did not once think that things in Moria could ever go wrong and he followed Balin to Erebor without a worry.

Well, this is my character. Let me know if you want me to add/remove/change anything. Thanks again for inviting me-I can't wait for the game to start

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