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Okay, here is the rather unsavory fellow!


NAME: Mungo "Hitch" Brandybuck

AGE: 58

RACE: Hobbit: Fallohide for the most part with a definite strain of Stoor


WEAPONS: 2 knives – a sharp little hunting knife, the other a more slender knife handy for filleting or quickly slitting the throats of hapless chickens, a sling with various sizes of stones in several patches; a small oaken club that hangs from a leather thong at his belt.

APPEARANCE: Short, about 2’ 9”, and very slender – wiry, much like a weasel. Blond hair which always appears rather dirty and greasy, and is usually stuffed under an old dark green checked cap. Dark brown tattered cloak worn over a much unlaundered tunic and breeches. He is a grubby looking fellow, shifty eyed. He has a slight limp in his right leg, the result of an old broken ankle, gotten in a fall from a tree he was trying to hide out in - his noticeable gait has earned him the nickname "Hitch".

PERSONALITY/STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: Mungo is the sort of fellow who always looks out for himself first. He figures most others are somehow out to “get” him – cheat him or blame him for something. And to be honest he is often to blame for many of the small burglaries about the area – poaching fish and small game from others’ traps, chicken and egg stealing, the occasional small pig, honey, pies, vegetables, mushrooms, whatever comes to his attention and need. He shares the characteristics common to many Hobbits: long skillful fingers; excellent hearing and sharp eyesight; the ability to disappear swiftly and silently. Mungo is not a neat fellow; he rarely bathes or washes his clothes. Needless to say he is fairly aromatic.

He is not a likeable fellow, but is tolerated because he’s related to the Brandybucks through his father’s side of the family.

HISTORY: His family was respectable enough – owned a small holding and a modest dwelling. His father worked hard with his sheep and pigs; his mother took care of the family and supplemented their wellbeing with her large vegetable garden, her chickens, and her bee hives. He is the middle son of five boys. His brothers have all gone on to be respectable little farmers with nice families. Mungo’s choices took him in the opposite direction. He couldn’t understand why someone would want to work so hard at their livelihood when most of life’s needs were handy for the taking if only one knew where to look. He likes living rough for the most part; holes up where he can for the winter months. Travels a lot; is somewhat fonder of the area around Bree where the Big Folk tend to mind their own business and not dig into his; and where he can take the occasional odd job when he needs to lie low from his “other” means of livelihood.


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