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Yeah... kill me in Werewolf and all of a sudden I have too much time on my hands. I don't know if I'll be around permanently, but I think there's enough summer left that I can commit to at least one Day.

Since I haven't posted since the Mead Hall, here's a copy-and-edit of Náin's CV:

NAME: Náin son of Narin son of Nori

AGE: 53

RACE: Dwarf, of the House of Longbeards

GENDER: Male: none of this is-a-female-under-the-beard nonsense here.

WEAPONS: A long, bearded battle-axe. Several hammers and chisels as well, if one wants to count those.

APPEARANCE: Four feet, six inches tall, muscular, possessing a full, red beard of about two feet in length. Rather thin-faced as Dwarves go, typically cheerful in appearance.

PERSONALITY/STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: Náin is a people person: he likes being around people, and being liked by people- except when he’s working, when he’d generally rather be alone. Generally cheerful and optimistic, he can be off-putting with a rather grave attitude normally. He has a sense of humour, but it tends to be of the wrier, dry variety. A sculptor by trade, he’s also got basic skills in masonry and smithying. Though not a warrior professionally, he is a sound fighter with his bearded battle-axe. Not particularly comfortable around women, he can be easily flustered by prolonged exposure to them. He’s also got a bit of a prejudice against Elves, as is typical for Dwarves.

HISTORY: The grandson of Nori, companion of Thorin Oakenshield, Náin was born in Erebor, and there lived until the present time. Though young- for a Dwarf- he displayed more than average skill in sculpture, and was thus chosen to go to Edoras in gratitude to King Éomer’s generosity to Gimli’s colonization of the Glittering Caves. During the War of the Ring, Náin fought in the Battle of Erebor, and certainly did his part fighting off orks and Easterlings. It was at this time that he acquired most of his warrior’s skills. As the grandson of Nori, Náin is on the wealthier side for a Dwarf, although an uncle older than his father inherited most of their portion of the family gold. As a result, he has never known true hunger or poverty save what he experienced during the Siege of Erebor.

AND SINCE THE ABOVE: Náin assisted a bit with the repairs and expansion to the Mead Hall, until Eodwine moved out and the project lost its royal priority. King Éomer allowed him to join the other Dwarves at Helm's Deep. Now he comes to Scarburg as a Master Mason and Stonecutter, as well as the token Dwarf.


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