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If I think of improvements, I'll make them. But, for now, here is my thoroughly useless, do-nothing character. He might also be called a troublemaker, though he does actually create trouble. It just follows him.

NAME: Crabannan

AGE/GENDER/RACE/WHERE FROM: Man, not Eorling. Originally from Dale.

APPEARANCE: Tall, broad-shouldered, shaggy-headed, aquiline-nosed, lean-muscled, dark-eyed, dark-haired, high-browed, thin-bearded, black-cloaked, grey-clad.

BITS OF CHARACTER/HISTORY YOU FEEL MIGHT BE HELPFUL IN DEFINING THE CHARACTER: 38 years old. Carries longsword, shortsword, longbow, and a harp. Is taciturn and thoughtful, sometimes misinterpreted as grumpy because his brows are almost perpetually furrowed.

Crabannan's past is shady, and he does not talk about it much. He is originally from Dale, but has spent very little time there in the past two decades. Wanders a great deal. Has a knack for getting himself into bizarre and dangerous situations. Brawls and fights seem somehow to develop wherever he goes, and though he only occasionally instigates them, he nearly always enjoys them. Has fought under the banners of Dale, Gondor, Rohan, and Mirkwood, and was involved in most of the biggest battles of the War of the Ring.

Has served as bard to everyone from kings to tribal chieftains; if he has an official occupation (which he adamantly denies), it is this. He claims to have little skill with the harp, though. In addition, he has spent time in just about every other occupation under the sun, from soldier to hunter to smith to farmhand to lumberjack. Most recently, he was a kitchen-boy in an East Emnet settlement, but he lost that job a 6 months ago when he broke the head cook’s nose over a girl. The crooked eorl failed to see his point of view, and so he was told to leave.


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