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Character bio for Scyld, soon to be introduced (sorry it's long, I pretty much just edited it from AiE):

NAME: Scyld

AGE/GENDER/RACE/WHERE FROM: 25, male, Man from Rohan (Hard Winters - now 30)

APPEARANCE: Short dirty-blonde hair, blue-gray eyes, passive expression that rarely expresses his thoughts. Dresses plainly but certainly not shabbily. 5’11” tall, not particularly strong or athletic but rather thin.

WEAPONS: He is not much of a fighter but if necessary he can wield a pair of knives with reasonable proficiency.

PERSONALITY/STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: The only person that matters to Scyld is Scyld. He looks out for himself and takes care not to offend or cause wariness to anyone, whether because they could help or hurt him. He is very much an opportunist and can think quickly. However, he is rarely impulsive and only takes risks when he feels confident that it will work out well for him. He lies easily but is honest whenever he can be. He is very intelligent and has an ear for information of all sorts; he would make an ideal spy if anyone ever found out his talents (which also include lock picking, snooping, and eavesdropping), but he is careful to keep this hidden behind apparent subservience and only average intelligence. Scyld has a very difficult time trusting people. He tends to hide his true feelings behind sarcasm and jests.

HISTORY: Scyld was born the fifth child to an already struggling family of middling rank. Most of their remaining wealth was lost in the War of the Ring, and in the following years, Scyld’s father amassed a debt to Sorn that he was unable to pay. In place of cash, the twelve-year-old Scyld was contracted to work ten years in Sorn’s service, after which Scyld would be free to do as he wished and Sorn would consider the debt paid.

Initially confused and resentful, Scyld soon learned to make the best of his situation. He learned a wide variety of skills in Sorn’s household, and to learning he devoted himself – not only about his new skills, but also to finding out as much as possible about Sorn and anything else that might eventually prove useful to him. Gathering information became his hobby. But by always obeying Sorn’s commands to the letter and always behaving subserviently and never showing outstanding intelligence, he came to be trusted by Sorn, although Scyld took care never to get too close to his volatile master. Nor did he ever grow to love him, and if better opportunity presented itself to Scyld, he would without reservations or regrets stab Sorn in the back (literally or figuratively) and take it, and for such an opportunity he always watched, although to this point he has never proved anything but trustworthy. He remained with Sorn for a total of thirteen years until Sorn was killed in the rescue of the Gondorian lady Linduial whom he had kidnapped. Scyld, who had developed a tentative friendship with Linduial, helped her to escape and escaped himself [Events occurred in the Abduction in Edoras RPG].

Added 5/18/15: Considering himself a fugitive but unable to stay away from the people that Linduial had spoken of so highly, he took on the name Nydfara and went to see for himself the new Meadhall that was built on the site of Sorn's old holdings. He is slowly growing more trusting but has thus far kept his true name and his role in Linduial's kidnapping secret.


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