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Bio for new character "Oeric"

Here is my very brief bio for my character. It's brief but will be expanded upon through the IC thread as we go along.

NAME: Oeric
AGE: late 20’s
GENDER: male
RACE: human
WHERE FROM: Rohan, around the Scarburg area
APPEARANCE: tall, medium build, longish blonde-brown hair, green eyes, wears what might be called peasant or farmer type garb
BITS OF CHARACTER/HISTORY YOU FEEL MIGHT BE HELPFUL IN DEFINING THE CHARACTER: born and raised as a peasant/farmer on what was Sorn’s family’s lands. As an adult has been tending sheep in a small “community” on the far outskirts of those lands. Is presently in the vicinity of the old, now burnt down, hall.

Thanks to Firefoot, LMP, Nogrod and Thinlomien for your help!


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