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Enw is a guest of Elrond in Rivendell.Enw is a guest of Elrond in Rivendell.Enw is a guest of Elrond in Rivendell.
OK, I'll join.

And would like to ask if this character is allowed, if so, then I will play him:


NAME: Daghan-Turi-Dan (even though everone just calls him Dan)

AGE/GENDER/RACE/WHERE FROM: Male, Dredan from Drwaith Iaur (old Pkel-land), 24

APPEARANCE: *Short (but one of the tallest in his family), muscular (even for a Dredan), and he always carries one of the seven elvens sword that was passed down to him and his brothers from the Days of Old. He has a pouch, the contents of which are a mystery to anyone except himself.

BITS OF CHARACTER/HISTORY YOU FEEL MIGHT BE HELPFUL IN DEFINING THE CHARACTER: He is one of seven brothers (and has three sisters) from one of the only families of the Dredain still living in the Old Land. The brothers had set out to establish links with different races and groups of people throughout Middle-Earth (one, for example, was sent to The Dredan Forest, to find his own kindred). He had decided that, since his race had saved the lives of many of the best Rohirrim, they would not mind a Dredan living among them. He is actually quite friendly, despite his apperarance, and has never been quite so emotionless since the day his father was ambushed by Dunlendings led by a small group of Easterlings... And to this day he does not know how there Easterlings got this far West. Another thing about him that must be noted is that he is very touchy about being falsely called a Dunlending, especially because those people have persecuted, and hunted down and killed his family for centuries.
He has gained the title Wolf-bane after he slew the seven Wargs than attacked his home many years ago.

*general information about the Dredain (slightly out of context, but such is life)


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