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Abbreviated Character Bio Form for the Meadhall

NAME: Eodwine, Eorl of the Middle Emnet

AGE/GENDER/RACE/WHERE FROM: 46, male, Eorling, originally from the Gap of Rohan

APPEARANCE: blonde, 6'1", blue eyes, not bulky of build, but strong. Wears typical Eorling garb.

BITS OF CHARACTER/HISTORY YOU FEEL MIGHT BE HELPFUL IN DEFINING THE CHARACTER: Veteran of the Great War, widower (wife & 2 children murdered by Dunlendings while he was off to war), formerly Messenger to Eomer, then scout to the Shire and Fornost (where he met Falco Boffin), and then created Eorl of the Middle Emnet by King Eomer. Has removed his House from Edoras to Scarburg upon the King's gift and command. Is kind, humorous, just, musical; his grief for his lost family has been assuaged in part by his new wife and children. He is very self-controlled. Weakness: not as observant as he might be because of all he is "in his head" about.


Eodwine's full bio from Abduction in Edoras RPG

NAME: Eodwine (formerly of the Gap), Eorl of Middle Emnet

AGE: 46

RACE: Rohirrim

GENDER: male

WEAPONS: sword, hunting knife

APPEARANCE: blonde, tall, long legged, blue eyes, his face is fair, with a high forehead, and a not overly strong chin. He is strong, but not muscular.

PERSONALITY: He is quick to laugh, friendly, curious; a student of the War of the Ring; he is musical, a singer of songs and teller of heroic tales, (but he lost his harp in the Hills of Evendim). His voice is tenor and strong. He tends to be bashful and slow to put himself before a crowd, so he needs to feel at home and among friends before he will play or sing. Once he does feel at home, he is quite personable, funny, conversant, interested in other people, and almost - not quite - the life of the party.

STRENGTHS: he is compassionate, courageous and loyal. he makes friends easily and keeps them long. he is courteous to all, and considerate of other people.

WEAKNESSES: Not a good scout, mind wandering when alone. Hard on self when things go wrong.

HISTORY: He lived in the Western Emnet, close to the River Isen, serving in the forces of Theodred. He witnessed Theodred's fall, and came with Erkenbrand to turn back the rout of Helm's Deep. He marched to the Battle of the Pelennor Fields, and also with the small army that stood before the Black Gate when Sauron fell. He came back home to find that his wife and two children had been murdered by Dunlendings, his crops and farmstead burned to the ground. He joined the forces that hunted the Dunlendings down and brought them to justice, and having no family left, nor caring to start a new one, he went to Edoras and sought a place among Eomer's guard. He became one of the King's Messengers, traveling all over Rohan, and to Minas Tirith, as well as to Isengard, and places farther afield now and then.

In the year Fourth Age 14, he was in the Shire on a secret errand for King Elessar, on loan from King Eomer. Under the guise of researching the War of the Ring as it affected the Shire, he was to learn why, for four years running, craftsmen and smiths sent from Gondor to Annuminas were not heard from again. Leaving Bree, heading northwards, he was captured by a party of ruffians, and imprisoned by an unknown brigand lord and his growing army. His capture had been witnessed by a wanderer formerly of Bree, named Falowik Stonewort, who reported his capture in Bree. Falowik and a party of rescuers, including the Hobbit, Falco Boffin, went north to Deadmen's Dike, and to Lake Evendim, where they discovered enemy strongholds, and were able to overcome by skill and strategem. An informant then led them to the northernmost edge of the Hills of Evendim where the stronghold of the new brigand lord was. The brigand lord was the former Mouth of Sauron, who had renamed himself Herugor, who was about to sacrifice Eodwine on his altar to Melkor in order to take his blood and use it to gain more years to his life (not having Sauron's power to do this anymore). Long story short, they defeated Herugor's plans and his life was ended, and Eodwine was rescued. Thus began the friendship of Eodwine of West Emnet and Falco Boffin. They came down from the Shire to Edoras, for Falco wished to see the places the famous Hobbits of the War had been to.

The Man and Hobbit took lodging at the White Horse Inn, owned by Bęthberry. While there he became the foster father of an orphaned girl, Gudryn, who has since been handed over to the seamstress Gedd for tutelage.

Bęthberry left and turned the place over to Eodwine after King Eomer released from service as King's Messenger only to create him the new Eorl of the new Middle Emnet, the former White Horse Inn his Eorling Mead Hall. News of the change attracted attention and before long, Eodwine found himself the happy master of a bustling mead hall filled with likeable, loyal, and interesting folk.

Later, the King granted Eodwine the former holdings of Sorn at the Scar of Rohan, and Eodwine brought his house there, renaming it Scarburg. It had been burned to the ground and had to be cleaned and rebuilt. Though he fell sick with an unknown ailment which left him in a months long sleep, he is fully recovered.

Eodwine married Saeryn, and she gave birth to a twins, a girl and a boy. Being somewhat older than most new fathers, he dotes on them somewhat, enjoying his daughter's energy and his son's quiet thoughtfulness (much like his father at that age).


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