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NAME: Erbrand

AGE: 28




APPEARANCE: Stands at a height of 6'3; has long and untidy dish water blonde hair, he has a short scruffy beard, and wears clothes in the fashion of a peasent. He often dresses himself in a sheep wool cloak while out at night.

CHARACTER/HISTORY: Erbrand is a skilled leather maker from the city of Aldburg. He is very gruff in manner and seldom speaks to strange people, except for when you can catch him in a good mood. He is not at all wealthy, but makes enough for a living. He is strong for his age and practices in fighting with his axe. He is devoted to his work and works hard and long hours each day, but has found the time to learn how to play the fiddle.

He loves to go off on the hunt with his father and friends, but when he was at the age of 26 he lost his best friend to a wild boar in a hunting accident. Ever since then his work had become his best friend and soon became skilled in the tanning and crafting of leather.

When a herald came to Aldburg with the news of the Mead Hall's destruction, Erbrand left his store and set out on horseback, with all of his worldly possesions, to Scarburg in to offer his services to lord Eodwine, and afterwards set up shop in Scarburg.


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