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Time Frame for the Meadhall - From the Eorling Mead Hall to the Scarburg Meadhall

The Eorling Mead Hall (1st hosted by littlemanpoet/now hosted by Nogrod and Thinlómien) - Game Thread --- Discussion Thread


Scarburg Meadhall

THE YEAR IS: 15 of the Fourth Age

March 25 - posts 1 - 114
Eodwine's first day as Eorl of Middle Emnet
April 1 - posts 115 - 205
The hall wall falls down
April 4 - posts 206 - 303
The Fair - Léof wins a horse race; Linduial is abducted; Nain arrives
April 25 - posts 304 - 400
Eodwine holds court; Stigend, Modtryth, & Cnebba arrive
April 26 - posts 401 - 468
Trystan arrives; Linduial leaves; Garstan and Stigend plan the new kitchen
May 22 - posts 469 - 634
Garmund, Falco & Thornden discover "Rilef" in the ruins; Javan arrives
May 23 - posts 635 - 705
Ginna arrives & Harreld goes moony
May 24 - posts 706 - 852
Elfthain arrives; Ritun & Lefun (Ritun) are killed by outlaws; Rowenna is freed & comes to the Hall. Elián arrives.
Events occurring between May 24 & June 24: Ulrich & Withold are hanged; Stigend is made a man of the Hall for a year and a day.

June 24 - posts 853 - 961
Eodwine announces Scarburg move; Ginna leads on and drops Harreld; Javan burns the stables down

Events between June 24 & July 8: Eodwine finds an innkeeper (neither of the 2 applicants written of) and orders Stigend to lead the Hall's workers in building a new stable while the women with the help of the children prepare for the move to Scarburg; Eodwine dictates Javan's punishment for burning down the stables.

July 8 - formerly posts 962 of Eorling Mead Hall thread (NOW the beginning posts to the Scarburg Meadhall game thread) -
Eodwine and his House arrive at Scarburg and find it in shambles.

ROUGH DRAFT (Please check for updates HERE)

Timeline for August 9th -- through November 13

August 9 - Eodwine and Saeryn married.
Sometime in August - Saeryn conceives

Early Octoboer - Eodwine falls ill

October 9 - Eodwine becomes very ill and is moved to Edoras

October 10 - Three lords come to Scarburg and refuse to pay taxes

October 11-12 - Saeryn goes to Edoras, the king tells her he will appoint a new Eorl. Eodwine goes to Minas Tirith

November 11 - Athanar and his household come to Scarburg

November 12 - Erbrand nearly kills Scyrr. Erbrand and Lithor leave Scarburg

November 13 - Athanar goes to the three landlords and exerts authority over them. Falco returns to Scarburg.


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